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We are passionate about quickly generating tangible and sustainable results for our customers.  To this end, we have developed a next-generation requirements, verification and test management software tool we call "iRIS".  Based on sound systems engineering fundamentals, iRIS provides:


  • A powerful turnkey solution that will reduce cycle time for product development by efficiently managing the requirements and verification events of your system.
  • A seamless requirements verification management platform where changes in the requirements and test phases are automatically synchronized and tracked to provide end-to-end bidirectional requirements traceability.
  • A program resource coordination solution that ensures resources are efficiently deployed based on real-time project needs as your project evolves.
  • System use case assessments tightly coupled to system requirements and verification events to ensure the right product is delivered the first time.

key benefits:

  • Reduced Cost of T&E Tasks
    • Eliminates duplication of tests
    • Clearly defines test and verification completion criteria
    • Removes dependency on people-movement of data
    • Provides rapid assessment of T&E requirements changes
    • Optimizes test resource utilization with all stakeholders
    • Automated processes relieve practitioners of tedious, non-productive bookkeeping activities.
  • Increased Situational Awareness and External Outreach
    • Enhanced visualization of requirements verification and validation program
    • Collaborative, real-time communication across entire test community
    • Clear linkage from test event to capability delivery
  • Mitigation of Transition to Operations Risk
    • Delivers high confidence in TPM forecasting
    • Automated tracking of mission critical parameters
    • Test anomaly resolution and mitigation

Your Platform. Your Choice

Independent of the size, scope or complexity of your project, iRIS will help your organization to embrace an open, collaborative approach to developing and delivering products for single-users or distributed teams. 

iRIS Professional Edition Comprehensive requirements and verification management capability including verification event resource management, MS Project schedule integration and system use case assessment.

iRIS Enterprise Edition All the features of the Professional Edition with additional capability to interface with external applications and databases. Use this version for larger projects that require iRIS to correlate information within an Integrated Data Environment (IDE).